2013 BMW 2 series

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More rumors about the next 1 series coupe being called the 2 series. As well as the next coupe version of the new 3 series being called the 4 series.
Whatever they call it, it will be basically the new 1 series coupe.
A quite predictable design, since the current model isn’t much more than the previous 1 series with a trunk instead of a hatch.

So this illustration shows us what the all new 2012 1 series hatch could look with a trunk.

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  1. Ugly or not, BMW can make a fast great handling small car… and Honda can't ? The real difference in price is from the brand name, some minor accessories and material choices, and where its made. Not major components. Honda: pull your head out of your ____

  2. How many damn cars and variations on car models can BMW produce? I think they need to stick with the basics.

  3. The front end looks like the pigs from Angry Birds. I don't really care what it's called. It's ugly and not special.

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