2013 Range Rover?

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This illustration from England shows what looks like a big Evoque.
From what I have seen of the next range Rover, it doesn’t seem to loo that modern.
The prototypes driving around don’t seem to have such a sporty stance.

I really like the Evoque, and wouldn’t mind the next Range Rover to evolve in this direction.
I just think it will still be taller and pretty square.

Who knows…

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  1. Wouldn't this defeat the purpose of the Range Rover Sport? I can't see this as the RR, but I can see the Sport as a giant Evoque.

  2. I really like the new Range Rover designs. They keep some of the traditional utilitarian elements, but are still thoroughly modern designs. Still, I like the Range Rover as a boxy design. The Sport and the Evoque are both uber stylish. But the large Range Rover is truly exceptional and unlike any other SUV.

    One exception… stop it with the stupid LEDs around the headlamps. They aren't executed well because there are too few to create a circular pattern. They look like that neighbor that leaves their christmas lights up all year.

  3. I certainly hope not. It would make a great Range Rover Sport as FusioptimaSX pointed out. That is not a classic look and the Range Rover has classy as a selling point. I don't like the rising belt line…. I personally don't get the point of that.

  4. I love the evoque in 2 door, 4 door I dont like. Making it bigger doesn't do anything for it. I have no doubt there will be similarities, but they are going to be on the same path, just round it off a bit, and redo the interior. Thought you never know, look what tata did to jaguar

  5. it would actually make a great looking uber-large 7-seater Range Rover Sport. not as big as the Escalade, more so the size of the Explorer, Durrango, or Acadia.

  6. Same styling flaws as the new Explorer. It's lost much of what made a Range Rover a stand-out. People with money are mostly older, conservative, Traditional. Young kids that like the swoopy racy style are not Range Rover Customers. It would be a great design for something cheap like a Honda CRV or Jeep Patriot. But just not right for a Range Rover.

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