2013 Saab 9-3

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O know it seems weird to post something about any upcoming Saab model.
Since the company almost died, again, last week.
But the new Chinese owners claim they will invest over $800 million into the company, which is good news.
The new 9-5 Combi model is next in line.

But the next 9-3 is actually the most important model for Saab. One that could put it back on the map.
This illustration was shown 2011 at a company business meeting back in January.
And I think it looks great.
Making the new 9-3 hatch more modern than pretty much anything else in its class.

Let’s just hope it actually comes out…

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  1. Very impressed by the design. It truly has the character of the old 99 and 900 series with modern touches. Very well done and should be a good seller for them IF the mechanics and performance are up to the competition.

  2. Why would any potential car buyer care about Saab at this point. It's near death experiences keep coming… only for a last minute "rescues"… only for those rescues to fall through… and the latest–a miserly Chinese investor. Kill the god and put it out of it's misery already.

  3. Looks good. A little too much Kia/Hyundai (fat ass syndrome), but that may not be a bad thing in today's market.

    Mechanically, it will be up-to-date, with a BMW-sourced turbo 1.6 and a Saab-designed electric rear axle. Let's hope they manage to make it lively like a Saab should be.

  4. I honestly couldn't care less.

    Saab has THE WORST residuals in the industry, and their new models are nothing to write home about. The 9-4x is nothing more than a rebodied SRX which is lackluster. The 9-5 was overpriced and uncompetitive when it was released.

    Saab is toast, they should have just buried it.

  5. Saabs are only good as used car deals and for mechanics (because when Saab dies, they'll need to fix the car themselves…).

    I'd feel more comfortable buying a used Saturn or Pontiac over a new Saab.

  6. It's a Chinese company now. Which means that it'll have a toxic interior and be built with parts sourced from what is essentially modern-day slave labor. A SAAB (and Volvo for that matter) will never be a consideration.

  7. It looks great, I'll take two. One black, one silver.

    As for some of the above posts, I'm shocked at how ill-informed some people are. How about we all agree that there is nothing anyone can do about the GM-produced cars during that era and look forward to some very interesting collaborative work that is going into the new cars,like the 9-3: BMW engine, ZF transmission etc. Oh, and while I also don't like Chinese ownership of things, look around dude! They own EVERYTHING now.

  8. "while I also don't like Chinese ownership of things, look around dude! They own EVERYTHING now."

    Fortunately, other people produce cars besides the Chinese.

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