2013 Volvo V30

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I guess there will be a 5 door version of the next generation C30. Or so it seems.

I also heard of a small SUV based on the same platform and called the XC30. So who knows.

But this doesn’t seem to be raised enough for an SUV.
I hope they also keep the 3 door version.
A small Volvo hatchback has the potential to be really popular. If it’s done, and priced right.

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  1. Not only was the C30 over priced but also it had very poor gas mileage ratings for sub compact vehicle.

    What a shame ! The C30 was a nice looking car but just too many negatives with it..

  2. Ummm, can we talk about what seems to be a new type of disguise? Fake bolt-on panels covering the real sheet metal?

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