All new Ford Ranger

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Again, Ford has not announced that the all new Ranger would be sold in the US.
But with a new Chevy Colorado on its way here next year, who knows.

Anyway, they just released a bunch of new pictures of the truck. So here it is….

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  1. One would hope American brands aren't determined to gangster its US customers into full-size pickups or going Asian if they don't like it.

  2. The rear door looks like they yanbked it from the new Colorado.

    I don't see many people going to Ford instead of Toyota. A few may. This will sell here tho. Finally all those Ranger faithfuls will have a new model to "aspire" to. 😉

  3. This is good news for me.

    All I need is a small truck. I don't need a RAM or Silverado.

    My 1999 Tacoma is on its last legs. I look forward to a Ford.

  4. Ford would be retarded not to bring this here. Though if I had a choice between this, the chevy or the vw, I'd take the vw hands down

  5. Anonymous 10:41AM beat me to it.. this new Ranger is tall, slab-sided and narrow, obviously intended as a competitor to the non-US HiLux, and not the lower, wider, plusher Tacoma.

  6. If it comes to the US will they bring the diesel and a manual trans version in? Now that Mihandra is dead in the water coming to the US, which compact PU manufacturer will be the 1st to bring in a diesel?

  7. wtf 6-speed… the Colorado was introduced way way after this (and it's Mazda sybling) was introduced. If anything, the Colorado ripped it's doors from the new Ranger…

  8. Tacoma & Frontier have done poorly in recent years, and I suspect this similar offering would too. Good call Ford. Keep it in the 3rd world.

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