All new Mini Roadster

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Not sure what this is for, really.
Just like the recently introduced Coupe, this convertible seems a bit out of place.
I guess the closest competition would be the Mazda Miata, maybe.

Plus, they have already been testing the next generation of the “regular” Mini which should be out sometime next year.
So these 2 new models will be based on the “old” model by then.

Maybe they are just going for something different. Try something new. Who knows….

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  1. maybe they may expand the brand even further…

    with a SINGLE seat mini, aimed at enthusiast…?!@#!*Y#


  2. I've been a fan of MINI since day one. That said, the new coupe and roadsters are just about as ugly and ridiculous as a car could get. The coupe looks like it's been stepped on by Godzilla and the roadster looks like a baby's shoe. MINI should have learned from GM's mistake with the convertible Geo Metro, never make a hatch go topless!

  3. Uhmmm… No thanks.

    I will keep my 2007 MX-5 (Miata) hardtop convertible . Better quality, better realiability and better car period.

    Sorry Mini… you lose on this one !

  4. It looks great. But that's because it's practically identical to the standard Mini. This won't succeed unless they can differentiate it more from the other Mini cars.

  5. I think BMW/Mini would be well advised to leave this one in Europe.. there isn't enough visual distinction to justify it alongside the regular convertible, at least the coupe has a distinct (if disgusting) styling cue, this is just the convertible with a smaller cabin. It would be a narrow niche in the US at best.. but BMW hasn't exactly shied away from bringing oddities to market lately.

  6. I'm maxed-out on Mini-anything. Like BMW, same sausage in different sizes. With poor quality and topped-out sales in the US, maybe it's time to consider some change.

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