Another Chery crash test disaster.

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This time in Australia. Where, I guess, Chery is either already selling, or trying to sell cars.

The video shows what it takes to get a miserable 2 star rating.
I guess they’re “not there yet”…

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  1. The rear is a copy of the RAV4 and the front is a copy of the CRV. This is already illegal. And this safety rating is a CRIME. China should NEVER be allowed to sell these killing machines.

  2. is it just me or does the entire dashboard (and possibly the engine compartment) impact the drivers chest??? You'd think that all the illegally acquired trade secrets that the chinese have accumulated over the years would result in higher quality and safer products, when in fact, the only thing they seem to have cared about is visual replication and scale of production (or how to produce as much of something at as low a cost possible). But just as there is a market for cheap cars or stylish cars, there is a market for quality, safety, and performance, and often the sweet spot is a mediocre level of all the above… They have a ways to go.

  3. If possible, I avoid Chinese produced products. Just bought a $135 shirt from Earnest Cut & Sewn, where they neglected to cut the holes for the buttons so I can't close the cuffs. It all used to be made in the USA. Guess where it's all made now. Same with JCrew, which will only last a couple washes before being tossed out.

    Chinese quality is "not there yet" for nearly everything. And I wouldn't even remotely consider a Chinese car.

  4. China should allow to have families at least 3 or more kids cause billion people seems not enough to find a decent engineers…!?

  5. A rip off of a previous model RAV4.
    Major car makers spend billions researching and designing new models yet the chinese just cheaply duplicate them.
    People who buy these products deserve them.

  6. Chery is already is sale here in Australia. While their safety ratings are poor you have to commend the Chery engineers who were there as testing took place and immediately started working with the help of ANCAP on how to improve the safety of the J11 straight away. I can't imagine GM or Ford being that proactive and it took them a long time to get their act together too.

    Yes it is 2011 but China has for so long been the place of cheap poor quality knock-offs. It's not going to change over night. They are adapting and changing very quickly though.

  7. The funny (and scary) thing is no matter how unsafe, if this were sold in the US for $5,000 new, the streets would be flooded with them in a day.

    …And only then would Hank Williams Jr.'s song about getting rid of Chinese cars in the US ring true.

  8. At least the airbag appeared to deploy at the right time.
    The structure is weak as can be seen from "A" pillar collapse.

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