Another picture of the Toyota FT-86

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Still taken from an accessory brochure.
But showing more of the regular production car.

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  1. Just like the Lexus LF-A, they both look like ass. When is Toyota/Lexus going to hire real designers?

  2. not many cars approach the LFA's beauty. Certainly not this one, but this does look better then the offering from Hyundai and Nissan, maybe even the Mustang and Camaro as well.

  3. Oh boy! You can stick a fake heat extractor on the side! Can't wait! The concept showed much promise, the production car leaves me cold.

  4. THIS looks better than the MUSTANG??? LOL!!! It looks like an economical low-end "pseudo-sports" car. Because that's what it is. If you're looking for a cheap thrill; look elsewhere.

  5. Man, I see a lot of 2007-2008 Hyundai Tiburon in this design. Even the fake side vents. Has Toyota started to steal Hyundai design after all the years of Hyundai copying Lexus and Infinit?

  6. This car is the fraternal sibling to the Tiburon, which itself competed with a 1988 Celica. Except for the stupid looking go-fast plastic on the front, this car is already an outdated design. High school seniors will love it.

  7. I know most here are Toyota haters but I love that thing! This will look good in flesh for sure. Well, the tail lights aren't my taste but still, this looks so much better than the Modellista version. It's gonna be very light I guess.

  8. More proof that Toyota cannot design an attractive sports car if their lives depended on it. This looks like a generic rice burner that has been to a Pep Boys accessory department

  9. That's Toyota…Start with something exciting and hone it down to something completely mundane. The 1.2 liter 4 banger will be 25g's but the speedier version will go for something near 35g. (Just like Hyundai) Hmmmmm this or a pre-owned E92 M3?

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