Better pictures of the all new 2012 BMW 3 series

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Seems pretty nice so far.
The more upscale interior reminds me of Audi. A bit…

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  1. The exterior of the car looks really nice but that swooshy passenger side dash design is hiddeous and not all in keeping with the tasteful interiors of current BMWs. Hopefully they fix that in a refresh in a couple of years and leave the goony interiors business to the likes of Hyundai and General Motors.

  2. Why does the greenhouse look so out of proportion tall? The interior is finally improved except the stupid swoosh.

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo!!!!
    They've have had some of the nicest dashes of anyone anywhere — for years now. What's with the half-@$$'d/half wood/half vinyl sweep curve??? I guess that's the last 3-convertable I buy. Next spring I'll be getting either a Volvo or a Chrysler!

  4. The 3 design and dynamics are no longer youthful. The 3's 2L Turbo (240hp) is less powerful then The Hyundai's 2L Turbo(274hp).

  5. Front and back of the car are Ok, but side profile remember early 90's..
    all in all nothing really new, more of the same.
    BMW is starting to play on the safe side on the design department.
    However, interior does look nice

  6. Very mod-retro design to the interior. Might be polarizing compared to the current direction of other vehicles.

  7. The insides of the head lights remind me of those plastic tabs you rip off when opening plastic containers…..

  8. The front looks so big.
    The car looks good but the front seems a waste of space.
    I looks like a super car size front.

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