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These pictures were released from GM as part of their press release for the all new CUE Infotainment system.
Which will be available first in the XTS, but also in the ATS.

Besides all the technical stuff ( 8 inch multitouch screen, Nuance voice recognition, Bluetooth 3.0 etc…)
It does show us the interior of the production XTS for the first time.
And it does look really good.
Much better than anything from Lincoln. Modern, simple and quite classy.
Seems perfect for a big Cadillac…

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  1. Where are the sharp and blade-like edges and surfaces, the Cadillac's signature design elements? These interior pix are no different from those of Buick's. The Cadillac designers are, once again, digging their own graves.

  2. Looks good, although too conventional. How about some of the elements from the concept? Cadillac should really try to push the envelope much further.

  3. Interesting!

    Vince, just for fun, you should post a comparison pic between the XTS concept interior and the now shown actual interior…the similarities are actually striking!

    It's interesting to see a concept car actually be very very close to the actual production model!

    But you're right, way more interesting than the Lincoln. The new Passat is more interesting than the Lincoln!

    If this interior is bathed in leather, including the door panels, this looks to actually be a very inviting space! I only hope the engine choice/driving dynamics/other do-dads are actually inviting enough to make me go back to a Cadillac showroom!

  4. Nice, but no cigar. If priced equal to Chrysler 300S-V6 then almost good enough; if priced higher, this won't quite cut it. I rate it ahead of A6, Charger or Lincoln MKS or MKT, equal to E-class, but below 5-series, Jag, or Chrysler 300 Executive. So close–but not close enough. The center stack should flow better from floor to dash & not be disconnected like a compact. Needs more (real) wood, more stainless/aluminum, less color-keyed plastic. But it would make a great Buick as is. Looks like they went after Acura when they should have been targeting Porsche Panamera/Jag XF or XJ/ Bentley/ BMW 7. Maby they'll upgrade it before producrtion.

  5. "… you should post a comparison pic between the XTS concept interior and the now shown actual interior…the similarities are actually striking! "

    You're right. I think I was remembering the Ciel concept interior, which is gorgeous. This is very nice, but with Audi, MB and BMW as the benchmarks, Cadillac will have to do better than just match them to be competitive. Why not benchmark Bentley and just leapfrog the category completely?

  6. Okay.

    I don't see why people here are bashing it so much. I think the interior looks great. Sure, it's a bit conservative, but all the gee-whiz technology will make up for that. Why overwhelm the consumer with a crazy-busy design AND new technology?

  7. Anon 3:46….

    I don't think people are bashing this at all. It's clear that this is a very good design. But it will take something really spectacular to make people look at a full sized Cadillac differently than just an updated DTS.

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