More pictures of the 2013 Toyota Prius C

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These are from the Japanese brochure of the car.
Details might change before the US unveiling in January.

It does look a bit better to me than on the previous pictures. For some reason.
And it sure looks at least as good as the Honda Insight. Which, I guess, would be the main competition for this car. At least in the US.
And it might turn out to be a bit cheaper too.

Not mater how much we hate it or like it, I think Toyota might have a hit on their hands. If this gets over 60MPG and is priced right.

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  1. First Toyota in years in which I didn't feel absolutely disgusted with….until I saw the rear end. But I'll let that one slide.

  2. This one is likely to be a guaranteed hit for Toyota.

    It carries the respected Prius name plate. It achieves awesome fuel economy. And, it is supposed to be priced at a more affordable level than the current Prius.

    This is the car that will really bring hybrid technology to mainstream buyers. And to the many who have been adversely affected by the current economy.

    Great timing. And a winner.

  3. I think it actually looks great. Nissan needs to hurry up with the all new Versa Hatch. It's supposed to a good looker too…hard to imagine, I KNOW! LOL

  4. I don't love it or hate it. The design looks invisible to me. Seems like they could have done better.

  5. I'm suprised at so many positive comments. I think it's ugly and looks nothing like the concept that they even show in their commercials.

  6. Its hard to judge until its seen in the flesh. But from what i see it looks better than the Nissan Leaf.

  7. This car looks nothing like the concept, just like the Prius V looks nothing like it's concept. Toyota is the worst car company for creating production cars that look nothing like the concepts. Why bother with showing us the concept at all?

  8. Vince, I can't imagine real-world 60 mpg. I think Toyota has been suggesting 40-45 mpg, though they may be underpromising. Motor Trend said it's bigger than it looks, about the size of the original (no sliding doors) Honda Odyssey of 10 years ago. A medium/large station wagon that can get an honest 45 mpg will be a huge hit, especially coming from a company known for reliability. This should be popular with taxi fleets, I think.

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