Saab sold to China

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Just a few days after they denied it, all 100% of Saab’s share have been sold to Chinese Company Youngman & Pang Da.
The whole thing cost them only around $140 million.

It remains to be seen if the Chinese company has enough money to pour into the company after the buy out.
Saab desperately needs cash for new models.
So now, both Volvo and Saab are Chinese owned.
So far Volvo seems to be doing just fine.

What do you think will happened to Saab?

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  1. saab… odd niche that survived the 80's only due to its association with the yuppies… now the hippies are in session, saab becomes chinese.


  2. Volvo seems to be doing fine now…. that is, until they need to update their platforms. Since Ford isn't around to do offer them anything, Volvo is screwed. The S40 is going away with no replacement. The C70 and C30 are also on the same platform. The S80 is not competitive. So that leaves the S60 that will have to take them for several years. SAAB is even worse off because they are lacking good models right now.

  3. I think (and hopefully) the Chinese views this as an entry strategy to the US, Western and other developed countries' markets. In Saab, a Chinese car company (in ownership) gains worldwide dealership network, albeit small, and a tradition of quality and safe products. And yes, this is a bargain for $140M. Killing the brand after getting the technology is illogical. And I do hope Saab will do a Volvo (so far)…

  4. Yesterday's Swedish Luxury Import is today's "MADE IN CHINA" el-cheapo crap. (Volvo & Saab) The Chinese don't value human life nearly as much as Swedes or Americans. I think the days of Sweden setting the standards for automotive safety are permanently over. I find it all very depressing.

  5. the post-china volvo s60 is the first truly competitive, fun to drive volvo and makes all the product created under revious ford-volvo look like a pile of diarrhea mucus. yeah so stfu about the chinse buying and taking over companies. they seem to be doing a better job than the americans

  6. The post-china s60 Volvo was concieved, initiated, designed & engineered by FORD. It has more in common with the upcoming Focus/Mondeo than with anyting on the drawing boards in China. You don't go from nothing to having an all-new platform on the lots in 1 year. The jury will be out for 3-5 years yet on Volvo. Time will tell.

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