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These pictures are from a accessory manufacturer’s brochure.
So things like the chrome bit on the side of the car, wheels etc… might not end up on the actual production car.
Still, these give us a good idea, and a first look at the interior.

And it doesn’t look that exciting does it…

After all the concepts, the teasing. It looks pretty bland to me now. And a bit clumbsy. Sure it might be quite a bit of fun to drive. But by now, 2011, a sporty car could look so much better than this.

We’ll see the real thing soon so who knows….

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  1. It's better drive well, and have a pretty low price to boot, because it's certainly not much to look at.

    Personally…I'd take a Hyundai Genesis Coupe over this any day.

  2. Considering this comes to us from the company that brings us 20 different shades of beige, this car is a revelation, the first exciting Toyota in nearly 8 years with the last Supra ending production in 2002, and yes I know they gave us the LFA, but for $375,000 most of us will only see them in pictures in our lifetime.

  3. Really Vince? I think this car is hot. I'm surprised that Toyota could come up with something sporty like this.

  4. They made a fluid form look chunky and tacked on with that front bumper and under-skirting. And the interior is pathetic for a car made for 2012. I guess it IS what i'd suspect for a Toyota. Subie… run for your life.

  5. I sort of lost interest when it was announced it was gonna be named a Scion. Not that it matter much, but this would've given Toyota some much needed injection of coolness.

  6. The car is hot. Look at the's all business and no nonsence, just what a drivers car should be. The exteror is not as hot as the concept…but thats the way it usually goes. Seems it will be a bit smaller than the Genesis Coupe and that is a good thing. Who cars ir it is names a scion or a toyota, its just a different spelling and logos. Whoop dee do. Scion is a Toyota and most know that.

    I could be looking at my next car here….and I am no Toyota fan.

  7. That interior is as bland as can be. Maybe I'm just spoiled by Hyundai/kia, Ford, and GM? So much hype for something that isn't a looker. Makes me a little sad inside, but if its cheaper than a Genesis coupe, it could be a slight threat regardless of looks.

  8. Maybe it's a good thing that the US is getting a Scion-ized version, because the final Toyota product looks almost as generic as a Camry. It will almost certainly be a fun drive, but the wrapper is nothing that will fill an AE86, Celica or Supra owner with lust.

  9. Looks like a Celica. It'll be a fine car for secretaries. Hopefully this is showing the car with optional accessories. Because the stupid go-fast plastic bits are a look that only a high school kid could appreciate.

  10. Dudes… Don't you think you're jumping on this a bit prematurely?

    I mean… the photos are from some vague source (NOT the manufacturer)…and the car shown is NOT the final version.

    But everyone is already jumping all over it and calling it a dud.

    Wait until the real photos – from the real manufacturer – are released before you pass judgement.

  11. Oh please Vince, I've been visiting your car site for years and you always give Toyota a bad rep. You never actually test drive any of them. You've also been asking for something different from them, and when they finally deliever, you're still all negative.

    Just admit you're bias.

  12. Well I don't like Toyota and have vocalized that many times, and if there were any Toyota's I might like to have or drive it would be the 4runner and the FJ. I can add this to that list though… this is a very attractive looking car, and I know that it was a purpose built vehicle so the performance will be excellent.

    I'm not as excited about the interior, but seeing it through lens of a no-funny business, all performance perspective, its not bad at all. Pricing is the only thing that can turn me away.

  13. It looks bland, compared what they showed us with the concept, the only part i really like is the enter console with the climate controls, thats the only thing on the entire car i like, sad, what the heck is wrong with toyota now.

  14. I love seeing all these people bitch about the styling. The real driving enthusiasts wont care. This cars debut is major. Finally it seems like it's been a 17 year hiatus but we finally have a cheap tossable rwd 4 banger again.

  15. "The real driving enthusiasts wont care."

    What a ridiculous statement. If it drives how it looks, and how we know Toyota does things, we certainly will care.

  16. TRD or Subaru, please offer a turbo so I can keep the warranty. To me, it looks like what the next generation s2k should have been as a a fixed head coup. I bet it has similar dynamics, too. I would consider it if it had closer to 300hp.

  17. Yay Anonymous 2:09 you hit the nail right on the head A real DRIVING enthusiast wont care. As I stated above, I SO LOVE the intior of this car for it's minimalist approach….it's a driver's oriented cockpit. The exterior is fine to me, the front is especialy hot. I've been waiting for something like this. I cannot wiat to get behind the wheel. Every car I ever bought I bought by the feeling I get from behind the wheel. Not because of how it looks. But in this case it may be a win win afterall.

  18. Anon at 6:53 – You are an idiot. An idiot who totally missed my point. You're also an ignorant idiot. I can name sooo many fun to drive toyotas as well…hmm, ae86, supra, celica (rwd). Btw drivetrain from subaru = not a toyota.

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