2012 Honda CR-V

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Finally official pictures of the new CR-V.

I think it looks fine. A bit more upscale than the outgoing model, especially inside.
It will do a great job at keeping existing customers. And that’s pretty much all they need, the CR-V being so popular already.

Powertain is not really improved,using the familiar 2.4 Liter with 185hp. Which is actually enough for most buyers.

No novelties like a 6 speed auto or glass roof. Five speed and an old fashion sunroof instead.

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  1. Yeah they're living on their rep. Nothing quite new here except, those legion of Honda CR-V buyers they can market this to.

    Lots of competition on the way though. Ford Escape is the biggest threat and new model looks ready to eat some CR-V.

  2. I like it. Styling seems much improved, interior and exterior. An auto tranny with more gears would have been nice, but if it shifts smoothly and gets adequate mileage the 5-speed won't be a dealbreaker.

  3. Honda's new motto should be treading water. Or ssdd.
    No reason for preexisting customers to trade in they already have the same vehicle, same engine, transmission.

  4. at least honda seems to have cut down on the amount of buttons on the dash this time? let's hope the new accord follows the same trend.

    and the new escape looks like a raised s-max and doesn't seem to offer anything particularly new or interesting either. just your typical high beltine, no ground clearance, plastic crossover with that one

  5. Assuming that the prices are similar, I suspect that the upcoming Escape is going to eat the CRV's lunch. The Honda designers need to switch their meds, because they just don't seem interested in this business anymore. Since when did Honda adopt Toytota's "good enough" methodology?

  6. honda seems to have changed its philosophy in america since it stopped doing formula run and a fat white man started calling the shots. brilliant.

    and i still reckon this will outsell the escape because it's already the best seller and the escape is just a hyundai with a stupid infotainment system that nobody likes

  7. Ummmm, I think you are wrong. The Escape has sold so far this year over 206,000 units, whereas the CRV has sold a little over 162,000. My father has a 2011 CRV, and I am not convinced this is an improvement over that one. It will sell only because of the big "H" on its grille, and because typical Honda owners (including my father) don't bother to look at or drive anything else before they buy. And BTW, the Escape and the Hyundai (Tucson I guess you are referring to) have nothing to do with each other….

  8. I think I forgot to add that the number of units sold for the Escape and CRV are for year-to-date sold so far this year, through October 31 2011.

  9. On the contrary, I think there IS a reason for current CR-V owners to be trading in. I'm trading mine on a GMC Terrain next week!

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