2012 Prius C

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Which might actually become a 2013 model when it goes on sale in the Spring.
Smaller, cheaper and even more efficient than the regular Prius. This should be quite a threat to the Honda Insight.

It does look quite cheap inside. Let’s hope it starts at under $20 000.

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  1. It's as sophisticated looking as a 1988 Mitsubishi Colt. With the exception of their hybrid systems, which they milked to death, I feel as if Toyota has not progressed at all in the past fifteen years.

  2. I want one!

    And as a current Yaris owner, I've come to love the IP in the middle of the dash. It's so much easier to focus your eyes there rather than through the steering wheel.

  3. I like the dash and am glad they kept the same steering wheel as the Prius and didn't use the cheapo one from the Yaris. I wonder what opts are std. on the car in the photo.

  4. Prii designs are becoming like BMW's–same sausage, different sizes. Only in this case, the Prius C looks like a really, really cheap econobox seen years ago. I'm trying to say something nice about this fuggly car, but the words just won't come to me.

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