2013 Ford Escape interior

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This video, demondstrating the latest version of Ford’s Sync, actually shows quite a bit of the all new 2013 Escape.
Which looks 100 years ahead of the horrible blocky and plasticky interior of the current outdated model.

Thanks to Jonathan for the tip.

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  1. Seems cool. I hope it's enough of an improvement. Multiple presses on a flat screen to change the temperature is not going to work for most people.

  2. But that blocky, plasticy Escape STILL sells! Just like the Ranger! I guess it's better to be on this side of the angst versus automakers that have vehicles that haven't changed in a decade, needs it badly, and doesn't sell…..AKA the Galant.

  3. I have an Edge as a rental car this week, which I love to drive. It has the Sync system, which I HATE. Operating it is downright dangerous. It's not intuitive at all. What's worse is that the screen is not sensitive to the touch. So it takes a firm finger pressing hard on the screen sometimes, and a light finger other times. It's awful! Why not just do what apple does with the Guerrilla glass on the iPhone? That's perfect. Then to make it worse, the primary buttons on the console are flat black surfaces. I mean, WTF? Someone should lose their job at Ford over this. Because their cars have suddenly become awesome, but the media system is such a negative thing for buyers. I could never recommend this vehicle with the Sync system.

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