2013 VW CC

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Getting mostly a new front and rear for the new year.
One that makes it look a little bit more like the new 2012 Passat.
The CC will make its official debut in a few days at the Los Angeles show.

I always thought the CC was one of the best looking sedan on the market.
And it looks like the changes did nothing to ruin it at least.

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  1. The tail light are better, but not the front. The old one was more sexy.

    Something remind me the previous Acura RL…

    Le Québécois

  2. NICE! I like it. I'm considering this for my next car. It's between this and the next Ford Fusion with all wheel drive. I prefer the old grill over this newer one on the fron but I can live with this one. I love the big sunroof. Nice job VW!

  3. It looks better now, but sightlines from inside haven't changed and must still be awful.

    What I want to know is will it still be selling in North America? The CC would be the only means of getting a smaller euro-Passat with the nice 2.0T engine.


  4. After 5 years on the market….a refresh. VW is really starting to take things very slow…

    I guess I can't complain because the NA Passat is "All-new"?

    Why does it seem like VW's definition of brand cues means Copy+Paste headlights/tailights for 95% of their models? This is something I've noticed for the past 15 years…

  5. I think it's beautiful. People really don't know what they're talking about. Folks, we do realize that this is a $30k car, right?

  6. I just feel that I can get a crap ton of features in other vehicles for $30 these days vs. 10 years ago.

  7. The CC is a beautiful car–until you try to get in or out of the back seat. I'm glad VW had the guts to do this though. It leaves the Merc. version in its hindsight.

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