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GM did announced that a new Trailblazer, based on the all new Colorado pick up truck, was coming out soon.

We are getting the new Colorado here. The US version will even be built locally.
So far, GM is not saying anything about the new Trailblazer coming over to the States.

But again, that is exactly what they were saying about the Colorado.

I don’t really now where this would fit in Chevrolet’s US line up. Between the Equinox and the Traverse? Is there enough room for a truck based SUV between these two?

Why not. Who knows…

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  1. If it weren't for the Malibu grille, which I like (and the trashy gold bow tie, which I don't) I'd say that this is proportioned and styled very similar to a Mercedes SUV.

  2. This would go up against the Explorer and Grand Cherokee. The Traverse seems to be more competition for the Flex and mini-vans than a SUV. The styling direction looks more Nissan from the side and back than GM. Chevy should bring back the Blazer name, I can never remember the names of the Equinox or Traverse, they have no history and are not strongly identifiable.

  3. If Toyota and Ford can make a case for selling 5 CUV/SUV's (RAV4, Highlander, 4-Runner, FJ, Sequoia)(Escape, Edge, Flex, Explorer, Expedition) , Chevy can for 5 as well. Besides, I could see GM ditching the Tahoe in the next update cycle as the Traverse is the same size but with better fuel economy, so room opens up in the line-up for this 7-pass SUV to slide in.

  4. If anything, GM should dump the Chevy grille and sell it in the US solely as a GMC Truck.. that division needs something.. anything.. to justify its existence, so why not give it this truck-based ute? The Terrain could easily disappear to make room for it.

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