All new Dodge/Chrysler/Fiat sedan

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This is the car we have seen testing in the US for the past year.
Just remove the Fiat badge and you have the new Dodge compact sedan that replaces the Caliber for 2013.
The US version will be introduced this January at the Detroit auto show.

The Fiat version is called Linea. Lancia will also get a hatchback and wagon based on the same platform.
Which means we’ll probably get more than one small Dodge sedan based on this.

Looks like Dodge is back in the small car game.

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  1. The front definitely says Dodge; and is a clear departure from the "Volvo-like" front end of the current FIAT Linea. It will be fun to see how it handles and what it looks like up close.

  2. I believe they need to be careful. This could become a hit if they introduce the right body/engine/transmission combo, much like their old Jeep Cherokee. It took them years before they had the right combination… and then it was a bit too late.

    Personally I'd love to have all 3 body options available, with at least one separate SRT version.
    Overall, very promising indeed.

  3. uh… if marchoine sees dodge as the american brand, how's this euro-market thing fit?
    if there is a market for this thing here, it will be under the fiat banner….

  4. Hope the car drives as good as it looks. Whatever they do, don't call it a Neon. Dare I suggest Dart? Coronet? Polara? Monaco?

  5. @Anon 10:18, Dodge has always done cars that small. The issue is cost. If it's built in Europe, THEN it might not make sense as a Dodge and should be a Fiat brand car.

  6. I did a focus study on this last year. It's going to be a Dodge. Imagine the blue bumper continuing straight across the front and a thinner bar where the FIAT badge is making the Dodge Crosshair. It was nice with the dash more like the newer Chryslers. Nice materials. Still not as interesting as the Chevy and Ford dashes, but worlds ahead of the Caliber.

  7. I'm just wondering how they will differentiate this Linea sedan (as a Dodge) from the Lancia version (which will likely be badged as a Chrysler)? Making the Chrysler a sedan and the Dodge a hatchback would be the obvious solution.. but Dodge buyers haven't embraced the Caliber's hatch-only styling, so maybe the Dodge will be offered in two bodystyles.

  8. It will be quite interesting to see how Fiat/Chrysler plans to market all these versions of basically the same vehicle across four distinct brands.. Chrysler and Dodge are often sold side-by-side, Fiat US may also sell it, and Alfa will likely bring the Giulietta version when they reenter the US market.

  9. The Dodge version (Hornet, Rebel, Neon) will be sedan only. Chrysler will get a version of the next Lancia Delta hatchback (think PT Cruiser replacement). This Dodge sedan will be sold in Europe as the Fiat Linea, just like the current Dodge Journey is now sold as the Fiat Freemont in Europe.

  10. Good time for Chrysler to introduce a good compact car because Honda screwed up the new Civic so badly that some people will look for alternatives.

    With respect to the Civic, the style is OK–maybe a bit sleeker–but apparently the Civic's driving characteristics have been compromised and the interior of the LX is cheap and tawdry.

    Shame on Honda for messing up one of its best brands!

  11. I'd like to see the DART name revived because the Dodge Darts from the 1960s and early '70s were excellent cars.

    I had a new, '63 Valiant company car that was among my all-time favorites. The DART shared most mechanical parts with the Valiant, so was much the same car.

  12. Okay.

    This has a lot of potential. I just hope reliability isn't an issue with these Italian makes anymore…

  13. There is a rumor that this small sedan will be the only sedan in Dodge's lineup that will slot below the Charger. There probably won't be a replacement for the current midsize Avenger. I think Dodge should just give the 2012 Avenger an abbreviated model year and reassign the "Avenger" name to this new sedan when it launches next year. Basically, this new small sedan should be "The New 2013 Dodge Avenger".

    It looks really promising so far. It's good to see Dodge move away from the blocky truck inspired styling that has plagued its car designs for the last few years.

  14. What Toyota once was–Chrysler now is. The top 3 brands in terms of sales increase (2011 over 2010) are #1: Jeep (44% increase–led by Compass) #2: Tie between GMC & RAM (both 24% increase). I predict this new Dodge will be just one more in a continuing line of success stories at Chrysler. WHEN IS THE IPO? I can hardly wait to buy stock in this company!

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