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This is the very first official picture of the all new CAdillac XTS.
Coming to us via Jalopnik.

The XTS will replace both the STS and the larger DTS.
It is based on a FWD platform, unlike the CTS.

And, at least from this picture, it looks much more modern than the CTS.
It will probably share the CTS’s 3.6 Liter V6, unlike last year’s Hybrid concept. Unless a Hybrid version comes at a later date.

Looking really good so far.

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  1. Still very disappointed in the short, stubby front end.. but I guess production realities often have to take precedent over aesthetics. Not sure traditional Cadillac buyers will be fooled into buying a stretched LaCrosse though.

  2. Going front-drive is a recipe for not matching up well with the S-class, 7-series, or LS460. And thos clearly looks more like the stubby La Crosse than the sleek, long-legged Audi A8. Sad to see Caddy get cold feet (though I know a lot of up north "enthusiasts" will argue up and down that Caddy needs a FWD big car–I've seen them do so)

    Lemme guess, they're actually playing down to Lincoln to compete with the MKS? Or they're that scared of rising gas prices and CAFE averages?

  3. Looks pretty good, though I am still a fan of the DTS (The last real caddy) though I think the STS gotta go

  4. This looks stunning. That front end is masterful! Nice wheels too. But I'm with everyone else here, it will never be taken seriously as an executive car unless it is RWD or AWD. I can't believe that, with Caddy's interest in building competitive cars, that they would consider FWD.

  5. Audi's have always been FWD and they are taken very seriously. FWD won't be a problem with younger buyers which is what GM is trying to attract I think.

  6. Since XTS is direct replacement for the moneymaking DTS, and must be built at the Oshawa plant, FWD is a natural fit here. XTS would look perfect with a 6 in stretch between the front door and wheelwell.(google 1979 Eldorado)

  7. Everyone, this is NOT Cadillac's Flagship! Read up! That comes later! Cadillac has never called this the Flagship. That said, it's a good-looking placeholder until the Flagship, RWD Omega platform car arrives.

  8. large torque to front wheels is very difficult.
    GM's pairing of northstar / FWD is truly one of a kind, an unappreciated marvel of engineering.

  9. "Audi's have always been FWD and they are taken very seriously. "

    Audis are taken seriously as AWD Quattros. FWD Audis are only for the absolute entry level versions or diesels. FWD didn't work with the Allante, the Reatta or the DTS. It doesn't work with the Lexus ES or any Lincoln. FWD is not taken seriously with any luxury car. Let that be the end of this discussion. Period.

  10. "GM's pairing of northstar / FWD is truly one of a kind, an unappreciated marvel of engineering."

    Agreed.. unfortunately, that distinguishing feature of the previous DTS is now gone, with the XTS simply sharing the platform and V6 powertrain of the Buick LaCrosse.

  11. The overall architecture–in spite of the increased size–still reminds me visually of the current Malibu and the LaCross. In other words, it's not distinctive. As for the design, well… I have no reaction. The designers seem to have rounded-off a few of the sharp edges of the CTS. This makes it just bland and a copy of other non-Cadillac's. The reversing beltline slash, the side panel bulges, the C-pillar all fall into the been there, seen that category.

    I hope this is just a place-holder designed to keep older customers who want large Cadillacs until the company can do a real full-size car, but it will do little to improve the brand's overall image or appeal.

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