Honda Small Sport EV Concept

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This actually gives us an idea of what a small 2 seater convertible based on the CR-Z could look like.
Which isn’t bad.
Let’s hope Honda can find it in its heart to produce something like this. Hybrid, EV or not.
It would be a great new Beat for the 21 Century.

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  1. That looks GREAT! But if it does go into production, we all know that Honda wont make it look this good. I don't think that the DOT would approve of the color of those taillights:)

  2. looks wicked! Honda sometimes makes very very attractive concepts, but rarely makes any attractive production vehicles. I really wish we could see this car in production, even if it's an acura with a starting price in the high 30's or low 40's. Love the lines

  3. These renderings, complete with vapor trails and rubber band tires, are always meaningless. Call me when there's something cut in clay.

  4. Honda's concept renderings are always a disappointment in real life, and this illustration doesn't even look that good to begin with. FAIL

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