Hyundai i30 coming to the US next year

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The European i30 hatchback will replace the Elantra Touring in the US line up.
Which does make sense since the current Touring is the old i30 model.

As you can see, it will be more of a regular hatchback than a wagon. Which the current one is.
It will still be part of the Elantra line.
With the regular sedan, an upcoming coupe and the hatchback, Hyundai is covering pretty much all the bases.
Which no one else seems to be doing in the US. There are no Focus coupe, or Civic hatch in the US.

Let’s hope they still offer the glass roof as well…

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  1. This looks great! I'm seriously considering purchasing this car. It appears to offer most to all of the goodies that the Focus offers but I believe it will be for about $3-4000 less.

  2. Vince you're correct about no one else offering this. I'm in the market for exactly this very type of vehicle.

  3. I don't understand why Hyundai wants to directly compete with their cousin Kia Forte on all three bodystyles.. they should cede the 5-door to Kia and sell the i30 wagon instead. I know at least two current Touring owners that would gladly buy a new one..

  4. This is what I have been waiting for. However, Hyundai has to give more feel into the steering! Much like Honda. And gives a REAL 40 mpg on the highway, if not better. Maybe a hybrid? As for competing against the Kia Forte, watch Kia bring the Cee'd! Now that is a jewel of a car!!

  5. I sat in this car at the Frankfurt Auto Show this year and the car, inside and out is very impressive. This will sell very well in the US.

  6. I am really disappointed by this. Europe has a fantastic touring wagon (i40) and had hopes of it coming over here. The i30 is just another Small hatch that can't haul anything. I am with the previous comment about desiring a wagon. Check out the i40 on the German site. It is stunning and I am sure would be a great seller (at least I would buy one)

  7. The hatch looks really nice and all, but we still need the i30 Estate in the states. The true wagon is much more verse than the hatch. If it could be equipped with AWD then it would sell like crazy where I live in the Pacific Northwest. The Impreza really needs some competition!!!

  8. It looks okay. A great alternative to the Corolla, and a viable consideration to the Mazda 3 five-door. I'd always get a Mazda versus a Hyundai, but this will surely win on price.

  9. Vince, they offer the panorama roof glass at least in Korea and the i30 in this photo is not just rendering but a real picture. The production car is exactly same as in this photo.

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