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Yes, Lotus is coming up with an SUV.
After announcing all these upcoming upscale sports cars last year, they are actually working on this.
Sure it isn’t that bad looking.
But engines are rumored to be sourced by Youngman from China. Versions of Mitsubishi engines ranging from 1.5 Liter to 2.0 L.

Hardly Lotus stuff..

What is going on there???

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  1. Think you'll probably find that it's being developed by Lotus Engineering for a client rather than it actually being a Lotus. Lotus Engineering do a lot of work like that on the quiet.

  2. This is for the Lotus brand in China which is not the same as the Lotus brand in the rest of the world. They have nothing to do with eachother.

  3. Vince, for once, you disappoint me. You only needed to look at the Youngman Wikipedia page to find out that Youngman Lotus and Lotus Cars from the UK are not the same company. Their common link is Proton, and Lotus Engineering, as ACarDesigner suggested, has developed cars for Youngman, but I've read in China Car Times that they are not on good terms now; however, Youngman apparently retains the rights to use the Lotus name in China.

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