More pictures of the 2012 Euro Civic

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The one that still looks much more modern than our “cheapened for 2012” sedan.

Let’s hope this could find a place as a small entry-level Acura. Sometime. Maybe…..

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  1. what's with the assy front and back light assemblies of many cars these days? aren't these lights suppose to blend in with the body and not protrude for they (1) look cheap, (2) are ugly, and (3) prone to damage

  2. like the us version, this euro civic looks pretty crappy compared to last euro civic as well. oh and stay tune for the 2.0 turbo 210 hp "type-r" that will be based on this

  3. I so disagree with the previous two comments. I would buy this thing in a heartbeat. Its got an original look. Its got flexibility and utility (hatchback). Its good on gas and its reliable. But mostly, I love the look. The American Civic is just ordinary.

  4. Reactions to the 2010 NA Civic were so horrible that they are pushing up the "substantial refresh" by a year.

    Looks like Honda was able to admit a Korean butt kicking before Toyota.

  5. I liked it before, but only saw the concept. This has a bad nose job and too small wheels. Usually Hondas dont look this disjointed.

    RE: "this would make a good Acura"
    Maybe they could do something with the body, but NO Acura should have a torsion beam suspension. Ever.

  6. With Honda admitting they screwed up the "new" generation US Civic and that they're rushing changes now… what a great time to unite Europe and the US using this car.

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