More pictures of the all New Chevrolet Trailblazer

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Looking pretty good.

It actually seems nicer than the Traverse. Which has such a cheap interior for the price.
This seems a bit more upscale even.
Powered by the same 2.8 Liter Diesel as its Colorado cousin.

Should it come to the US?

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  1. I like it! I could do without the purple looking interior trim though. I wonder what's going to power this thing?

  2. Americans still need compact pickups like the Colorado for doing construction, landscaping, and other jobs that require light hauling. The truck based SUV is absolutely not anymore useful than the modern CUV for most people who shop for such vehicles. A soccer mom can find just as much utility in the Traverse as she could in this new Trailblazer. America does not need this new SUV.

  3. vince, keep in mind this is still in "concept" guise. expect the finished product to be more toned down in the front and rear fascia, wheels, and mirrors.

  4. If this is meant to replace the Tahoe, good luck. This doesn't look particularly expensive whereas the Tahoe does.

  5. Like the outside, minus the grill. The interior looks cheap. Still anything looks better then the traverse

  6. The interior dash and door panels and exterior from front to back look like the designs were pulled out of the garbage bin of the old GM–not the current crop of new Chevy's. Sad.

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