More pictures of the Opel Astra Coupe

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Just because I never get tired of seeing this car.
One of the best designs currently available for sale.

Let’s just hope GM has the good sense to offer it in the US as the Buick Verano Coupe.
And soon…

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  1. are you sure a mazda3 and a hyundai veloster just didnt try to occupy the same space at the same time???

  2. If Buick could do 2 things… 1) make it truly unique (such as with that extended windshield), and 2) get the mileage up above 35 mpg(?) without being underpowered or hybridized (no one wants to pay the hybrid premium for a car like this. Ex. CRZ) …. it might stand a decent chance here.

  3. Not fully sure this should be a Buick, even if they did once sell Opels. Seems better suited to Pontiac if the division still existed.

  4. Probably would never get it anyway, since manufacturers treat America as this strict sedan, crossover, and full size pickup market.

  5. That car is great. Extended windshield awesome. Doesn't have the boomerang headlights which sucks. Buick will take this slap a cheesy plastic grille on it and kill it

  6. I saw one of these in London last month. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I don't know if I'd buy one, but I'd certainly rather look at this in gridlock traffic than a f&*king Civic or Corolla.

  7. The only thing GM should do when bringing this over is 1) swap out the Opel badges for Buick ones and 2) give it a cooler name than 'Verano'. What GM should not do is 1) make the front clip look anything like the Verano sedan and 2) put fake venti-ports on the hood. Any other changes are a waste of development money people!

  8. I agree that Buick should get this hot looking little coupe, but I don't think it should be marketed as an extension of the Verano line. The coupe should get it's own separate model name. My preference is "Bengal". To me, the Verano sedan and this hot little coupe should be targeted at different demographics.

  9. Could you imagine how much a windshield replacement would be? Ouch!
    I like the design, just wish it were RWD or at least AWD.

  10. I don't think this car is going to sell for the ladies unless it come with an automatic sunscreen sprayer with that crazy windshield design.

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