New Audi A1 Sportback

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Basically an A1 with 2 more doors.

And it still looks really good.
Shares the same nice interior with its 3 door counterpart, and engines too.

One other thing they both share: they won’t be sold in the US.
I saw the A1 in Europe a few months ago, and it’s not that tiny at all. It would be a great fit here.

I guess they don’t want to go any smaller or cheaper than the A3 in the US.

Too bad….

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  1. Toyota should take a lesson from Audi on how to design rear headrests. I like that Audi allows them to move out of the drivers view when not being used. Toyota has abandoned that design like they had on Prius gen 2 and gone with these gargantuan headrests that block a good percentage of the drivers view. Government safety regulators should look into this because cheaper production cost should never come at the expense of safety.

  2. I'm getting tired of this idiotic doublespeak. It makes no sense to name the 5-door version of a 3-door car "Sportback". It's like calling a Hummer a "Jeep Lite".

  3. Good looking car. But I don't know if there's a need for this in the US. Audi needs to focus on differentiating itself from VW. And there's no getting past the fact that this looks like a very nice GTI.

  4. ummm. i dont get it. sure, it's pleasant bland, leaning towards pleasantly boring, but what market is there here? a 30k "mature" mini?

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