New Mitsubishi Mirage

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It will be call the Mirage or the Colt, depending on markets.
This is really sad. It looks like it came out over 10 years ago. To me, it even looks older than the one they sold here in the late 70’s.
Powered by a new 3 cylinder and a CVT, it might actually get really good gas mileage. But so are tons of other cars these days.
When you look at the Rio/Fiesta crowd, this “new” Mirage seems really outdated.

This is what they teased us with last year.
What a difference!
And this was already pretty conservative for a concept. They toned down the production version so much that nobody might even notice it when it comes out.

This might be Mitsubishi’s last bad joke….

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  1. Oh, Vince, must you exaggerate on how dated you think cars look? Does it look dated? Absolutely, but more in a 2005 "compete with the Yaris and previous Fit" sense than a 70s car.

  2. This is no better than a 1990 Geo Metro. If this is their idea of the future, then Mitsu needs to just go out of business.

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