Official pictures of the all new 2012 Chevrolet Cobalt

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At least the name lives on. In Brasil…

Looks like super cheap transportation for south American markets. Wouldn’t be surprised if it also ends up in India or China.
But not in the US. Where the smallest and cheapest model will be the new Spark.

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  1. Chevy's pledge to build great cars clearly doesn't extend to developing countries. This thing looks absolutely trashy.

  2. Cheapest yes, but in space is a lit bit bigger than a Cruze.
    And cheapest only considering by the appearence and materials used, because the price…

  3. Sonic and Spark will cater to us quite well. We won't feel left out this time around. The Cruze hatch this isn't.

  4. I just do not understand why it is so ugly. The front is a mess. I could have made a more attractive front bumper.

  5. It is competing with the Versa for the ugliest on the road. I cannot decide though which one takes the prize. Help….

  6. In Brazil, it's spelled Brasil I believe. Nothing wrong with the spelling. It's like saying Deutschland is an incorrect spelling for Germany.

    I was dissapointed that the Spark wasn't at the South Florida International Auto Show.

  7. The all-new Chevy Cobalt is a really interesting project: it is based on Chevy Sonic Sedan, but with a strengthened platform, that provides huge space. According to the press, this car is bigger than a Cruze inside.

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