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A new Peugeot CRZ. In Beverly Hills!

With California plates. Not really sure how it is even possible.
But there it was, sitting right next to The Ivy restaurant on Robertson.

I must say, it looks stunning and exotic over here. I saw quite a few people noticing the car as well. Looking around wondering what it was.

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  1. We are getting one next month!

    In Mexico the price tag for the 1.6 200bhp is $32,000 USD.

    We have an Audi TT 2008 but I can say that this Peugeot is as good as the car mentioned.

  2. I brought my old M% from Germany few years ago. I coun't register the car in NJ or NY. I went to N.Carlina no problem payed tax and that all. Car was register. The CRZ is sold in Mexico for about $30K

  3. How sad…We live in the US ! Unfortunately the best of world is not available here. Anyone wants a new Honda Civic 4 door sedan?

  4. Looks amazing. Similarities to the TT, which I think is a fantastic car. Would love to see more variety in the US of affordable cars like this.

  5. @ Anon 3am, that's basically what this looks like a cross between, a TT and an Eclipse

    I just got thru seeing an Caterham (or it may have been a real Lotus) Seven on the commute this morning. A little hard to justify whipping on freeways next to all these damn trucks, even more than the Smart!

  6. I guess if you are willing (and have the money) to deal with a lot of red tape, you can bring almost any car over here. Some French cars are really cool looking.

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