Subaru BRZ STI concept

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Another one of these concepts that actually are the production car.
Like we’ve seen recently with the 2012 CR-V.

And it doesn’t look too exciting. It has an 80’s feel to it. But not retro 80’s, just bad.

It also looks like the difference between the Subaru and Toyota versions will only be in the front and back. As expected.
The Giugiaro designed SVX from the 90’s looks futuristic next to this…

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  1. I agree, and I think the reason is: this is a "back to basics" car for both of these companies. Can we build something light, sporty, and not too ugly?

    I'll take minimalism if it delivers a truly fun RWD coupe at the price range of the Genesis Coupe. Not retro, not ground-breaking, but properly done? Been a while since the Japanese could claim that.

  2. Subaru – if this is it, save yourself the embarrassment. Toyota took you down a dead end with this, for their own purposes. You were right that is shouldn't be as gaudy as that ScionF86, but this will look like the poor stepchild from the same family. And not even AWD! Toyota might have wined and dined you, gotten you a little tipsy, but have you forgotten who you are?

  3. No AWD, boy racer fin and a lack of anything that makes it a Subaru. Don't really mind the design…but the Hyundai genesis coupe is sleaker…Subaru's assimilation by the…Toyota, is complete….

  4. The rear quarter windows are different also (as much as I can tell from what looks like a terrible video game illustration). And I don't see 80s so much as maybe around '94. Regardless, the boy-racer look tilts things too far towards kids who go gaga over "JDM." Even then, give it up to said fanboys, because they got these cars built, and who knows, they may grow on us and get other manufacturers back to work growing the rear-drive coupe segment.

  5. RWD with bullet-proof boxster engine and plenty of room under the hood for all kinds of mods. I predict that there will be a HUGE after market w/ this car. Turbos, scoops, wings, carbon fiber panels, stickers…

  6. i couldn't care less about how this car looks. just like most ppl who buy the STI/Evo/spd3 or even MX-5 or civic SI are not after the exterior design, but the hardware underneath. the simple and basic design lacking any conspicuous trim and contours is perfect for a car that will have a huge aftermarket potential.

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