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Finally official pictures of the all new Toyota RWD sports car.
After bout 34 years of spy shots, concepts and various teaser shots.

And it looks pretty good. At least on these pictures.
Also much better than the Subaru version (concept) I saw at the Auto Show last week.

I just think it’s too bad Toyota chose to sell it as a Scion in the US.
I am not sure what image Scion is now trying to project, but its not great.

It is powered by a Subaru 2.0 Liter flat four engine with 197hp. At least the European version pictured here.
6 speed manual or Automatic are both available.

More very soon on what could be the most exciting Toyota model in years….

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  1. To tell you the truth, I'm underwhelmed. It could have been so much more. The design just seems very dated to me.

  2. They both look a little "thin" in person. And the rear spoiler shown on the Subaru is now too boy-racer for my tastes. Both could be more "grown-man" and still win the boy racers over.

    And I agree that badging it a Scion does nothing for it. Bad enough it has an alphanumeric codename. This could easily be the new Celica!

  3. The technical specs sound promising. The exterior design seems a bit derivative but does imply a speedster look.

    The interior seems a bit too plain and dated 1970ish. I think more could have been done there to inject a bit more 21st century style.

    Overall this isn't as good as I expected.

  4. horrible design, what a disappointment when looking at the previous concepts. This car should have a clean design. Those clear rear lights are out of style and the wheels are horrible. They really missed the mark on this and as another person said this could be a celica. Sad!!

  5. Subaru engine, new Impreza's wheels, new Lexus front and old '84 Celica rear… and they won't even call it a Toyota here. How much more can they douche-out on this car? The only good I can say is they put a 6AT in it, instead of Subies CVT – Subaru should have done that with the Impreza since they're busy playing part-swapping.

  6. Not sure about "much better than the Subaru version" Perhaps color or absence of the boy racer wing or the inclusion of the clear tail lights)*ack* justifies your bias….its the same car. At this price point, it will have a chintz interior and be the gem of boy ricers for years to come…Also, I don't know how this helps define either manufacturer as a brand…but they will sell a lot of them.

  7. This is worse than I thought, all I see is a big bowl of rice.

    What happened to the awesome exterior, awesome interior…it's like Toyota was just toying with everyone with that awesome initial concept.

  8. After all those years and stupid decisions by Toyota(killing the Supra, Celica), this is the design that says: "hey we're back making sports cars"?

    The sides look like a Tiburon and the interior is cheap. Wonder how much it will cost..

  9. Everybody seems to agree that this is an underwhelming vehicle with little to no name recognition or brand equity, which is what almost always happens when you homogenize a product to sell it under multiple names and brands. Despite Toyota's multiple heritage product names that could have been attached, "GT 86" means nothing to anyone.. and Scion "FR-S" doesn't even fit with the rest of the brand's naming scheme (Scion rS would have at least made more sense). Not to mention the major misstep of not even considering an AWD variant to differentiate the Subaru version. I'm sure RWD purists that have been waiting twelve years for a coupe-bodied MX-5 or S2000 will snap them up initially, but there isn't much else to recommend the FR-BRZ86.

  10. Well, the front is ugly. The side fender/window surround detail is .. ugly. The rear fender bulge is overdone and wrong. The tail lights are ugly. The rear deck and center panel are awful. Oh, and the wheels suck.

    Other than that, great.

  11. Where are all the people screaming "Badge Engineering"? Everything is the same on the two cars except the bumper caps! If GM had done this with two divisions sharing sheet-metal everyone would be screaming! That and,like others have said, it's way watered down from the concepts they teased!

  12. Pricing for UK will be 28K pounds. The 370Z starts at 30K. Not a bargain and interior really doesn't look upscale to me.

  13. Not exactly a beauty, in my opinion. There are so many other more visually appealing options: Mustang, Camaro, Genesis Coupe. This car just doesn't do anything for me. I know I should be excited because it's "RWD!", but the design just ruins it. Too bad!

  14. for those of you not old enough to remember, its an homage to the 1967 toyota 2000gt, arguably the rising sun's first sucessful gt car (they've sold for as much as US375,000).
    haven driven one, they car was a thrill to drive – but i'm faily certain it was because it weighed next to nothing…
    how much does this new one weigh?

  15. Ihave always loved Mustangs from the begining,and I am sure some people disliked the whole idea of a car manufactured from Falcon. Lets give the car a chance,and by the way, they couldn't keep the new Mustang on the lotsandbr

  16. Maybe Toyota intended a blank canvas for the aftermarket and those who love to load their cars with such products (like all other Scions)?

    Trust, I'm not a 100% Toyota hater. Hate the Camry and most of their other bread and butter offerings, but I've always loved their sports cars by and large, so I want to like this, but the criticisms are the simple truth. Maybe it will grow on us later.

  17. "Most exciting Toyota model in years" is like saying the "most exciting convalescent hospital in years"

  18. The reviews seem to say the opposite of what most people here think by looking a pictures…of course some people here wouldn't be happy unless is had a Cuisinart attached to the hood and could solve the budget deficit with a rev of the engine.

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