VW Cross Coupe Concept

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Let’s just hope this is not just a concept.
It does look pretty production ready to me. Especially some of the interior, like the dashboard and the doors.

The Concept part is the Plug-In Hybrid technology.

They say it is “smaller than the Tiguan but longer than the Golf”. So it looks like this isn’t the new Tiguan, but instead something all new. Like maybe VW’s equivalent of the Audi Q3.

We’ll see if it turns out in showrooms or not. And if it does, it might still not come over here…

Who knows.

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    We dont need another crappy looking Tall Car like that Honda Crosstour…
    it just looks bad!
    ABORT it NOW!!!!

  2. Is it possible for you to end an article without the catch phrase "Who knows?" Use your imagination and draw a conclusion or leave it out. I enjoy your blog but I'm tired of reading the rhetorical "who knows" at the end of every listing. If you know, tell us. If you don't LEAVE IT OUT.

    Will your writing improve? We'll see.

  3. Looks too much like an Audi from the outside but it's an concept and typically design from VW are conservative.

    Interior looks finally more upscale and modern for a VW.

  4. Kind of sad that VW is still trying to use Horbury's discarded Audi designs, especially considering he already perfected this one as the Kia Sportage!

  5. IMO, that is a concept in name only. It is going to be built and it is highly likely it will be sold in the US.

    That is a good thing.

    This car very much reminds me of the Land Rover Evoque. That is a damn hot little vehicle. As overpriced as it is, Land Rover just can't keep them in stock. I think VW will have the same problem when this goes on sale..

    Oh, and the guy that compared this to the Crosstour is out of his cotton pickin' mind.

  6. I really like it. I will say the front looks a bit Honda…but not in a bad way. Like, this is what the front of Hondas should look like. 🙂

  7. @Anon 11/30 4:35, don't forget his other favorite, "That's too bad"

    Sorry, Vince, had to do it!

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