2013 BMW Gran Coupe

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Quite a stupid name for a stunning looking car.
Like many have explained before, it is not a coupe. But that’s what they do these days…

Quite possibly one of the best looking BMW, at least to me.
Even though there is nothing surprising in the design we have seen 2 years ago in the Grand Coupe Concept.
And later the new 6 series.

This is better looking alternative to the 7 series, for those who don’t really need 5 seats.

It will come to the US early next summer with the familiar Twin Turbo 6 cylinder engine called the 640. Then, later that summer a 650 model with a V8 will be available, as well as an all wheel drive version.
(These names don’t really mean anything anymore. The “40” used to refer to the 4.0 liter V8, not the 3.0 Liter 6.)

An 8 speed auto is the only transmission choice.

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  1. I have to say that this car's design is exceptional both interior and exterior.

    Reminds me of a work-of-art. BMW outdid themselves on this. Nicely done and a home run for BMW.

  2. what's wrong with "6-series GT", oh no wait, i know why, it will remind buyer of the fugly failmobile 5 series gran turismo.

  3. This is a beautiful car. About a thousand times better than the awkward old-man looking 7 series. This is just sexy. The copper color is nice too.

  4. Vince,

    I've been coming to your site for years and have enjoyed reading your insight on new and upcoming models. But I have to say, in the last six months or so, you've been lagging a lot behind other sites with getting news. Why visit your site when Autoblog has the same story the day before with higher resolution photos. I'm sorry to say I probably won't be coming around as much any more. I know it's hard to keep up with other sites but maybe you could be more of an alternative and offer more insightful and in-depth posts? Maybe a weekly column or something?

    Your faithful reader

  5. Yeah, while I understand that coupes can have 4 doors, this in pictures doesn't look very close-coupled.

    But what's wrong with BMW naming a car instead of going alphanumeric?

  6. I don't know why this car is getting so much attention. It's not a bad-looking car, it's just unremarkable. Does anybody remember the old CS concept BMW showed us a few years ago? If I wanted a German four-door coupe I'd buy myself a manual VW CC and have more fun while saving 40 or 50 grand over this or buy an Audi A7 and enjoy its hatchback practicality.

    Also, this is hardly the best-looking BMW of all time. The original CS, Z8, 507, maybe even the 8-series (I'm a product of the 90s) all put this to sad, sad shame. Why BMW would choose such an awful name for it is beyond me, especially when its last "Grand" car turned out to be such a lumpy fail of a beast.

  7. I think BMW is starting to get lost. This is no more a coupe than a Chrysler 300 or Audi A6 Sedan is. The 1970 Ford Gran Torino looked sportier even with a vinyl roof–at least THAT was stylied like a COUPE. Nice interior, dash not as nice as a 7, 5, or last year's 3. Exterior is generic 4-dr SEDAN with a tiny trunk. All things considered, it's just O:K. In a Camry sorta way. Houston, I think we have a problem.

  8. This is a beautiful car. With the exception of three things:

    – The horrendously tacky interior color choice shown here.
    – The lack of a proper sunroof or panoramic roof.
    – The price. If this costs anywhere near a 7 series, that's too much. It should be a slight premium over the 5 series and below the 7.

    That said, I would like one very much. Yes indeed.

  9. op, bmw added a new line to their design. check out that front quarter panel – totally groundbreaking stuff right there

  10. Looks good, but not good enough for $100,000. So many other things under the sun at that price point. The funny thing is how BMW, Mercedes, Audi will now soon have sedans in 4 flavors…like most other mainstream automakers. But that fact that I see all 6 Hyundai sedans on the road regularly is remarkable!

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