2013 Buick Encore

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GM just released another teaser of Buick’s upcoming small crossover.
Looks a bit small to compete with the CRV.
Maybe this could go against the Mazda5 or even the Nissan Juke and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.
We will know everything in just a few days.

And it looks pretty much exactly like the photo of the Opel version I posted on this site a few days ago.

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  1. The Prius Aqua upstages this sad little turd in every way. If GM keeps this up, they will eventually have to kill Chevy for the sake of Buick, which of course is crazy.

  2. "The Prius Aqua upstages this sad little turd in every way."

    The Opel doesn't look all that great. But the Prius is hideous.

  3. Why does it have to be so small? From the looks of the Opel, the Encore will be quite a bit smaller than the Verano, which seems a little counter-intuitive.. it's almost as if this is some sort of spiritual successor to the Pontiac Vibe, not a true compact crossover like the CR-V and RAV4. Maybe the rebadged Captiva/Vue would have been a better fit for Buick after all..

  4. I had high hopes for this model but it looks like this is the first misstep for Buick since Bob Lutz's departure.

  5. I think it's a mistake not to have a midsize SUV, but I think Buick/GMC dealers would disagree (rightfully so, with Encore, Terrain, Acadia/Enclave, Yukon/XL). The only overlap involved are the Lambdas.

    It's just that the Enclave is the only step up (which results in quite a large size gap) if one wants to stay within the brand.

  6. this is a CUV (higher ground clearance). The Prius's are all CARS (lower ground clearance). Not comparable.
    This Buick's target will be Acura/Dodge/Lexus/Ford/VW CUV's (not econo cars like Leaf, Prius, Aveo etc.). In that light, it looks about "par for the course" as far as you can tell from these pictures.

  7. If it has a hatch, I'm interested–presently happy with my Malibu Maxx. Therefore I might take a look at both the Encore and the small Prius. If the Buick has an upscale interior and gets 35 mpg highway it will be on my short list.

  8. impressed Vince that you seem to be the only one who has associated this with the Opel. Everyone else is looking for some kind of Captiva/VUE clone.

  9. Sorry, you can leave the name. Encore? C'mon, Renault/AMC Hatchback version of the Appliance, I mean Alliance!

  10. According to German sources, this mini crossover shares a platform with the popular Opel Corsa hatchback. It shall be officially presented at the 2011 Detroit show as the Buick Encore, then at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show as the Opel Mokka. The mini crossover will be 4.30 meters long and it will come with FWD or optional AWD. Our source is also telling us that the Mokka will be priced at around 18,000 EUR or $26,000 USD for the entry-level version.

  11. Vince, you are the ONLY person among the automotive press to have correctly identified the Encore as the Opel it is.


    Others have said it is a Buick version of the Equinox, etc., but you've got it right.

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