2013 Buick Encore

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Just a small glimpse of the interior of Buick’s upcoming compact SUV.
The photo was taken while testing in China, which is now Buick’s largest market.

We’ll see the whole thing with official pictures in just a few days.
But so far, it looks rather boring to me. Nothing special.

We’ll see..

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  1. For Buick to be a consideration for anyone under 60 and living in a developed country, this thing had better be as good looking as as an Audi, as sporty as a BMW and as reliable as Toyotas were ten years ago. An Buick that's on-par with the competition is already at a disadvantage because of the logo on the trunk.

  2. According to German sources, this mini crossover shares a platform with the popular Opel Corsa hatchback. It shall be officially presented at the 2011 Detroit show as the Buick Encore, then at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show as the Opel Mokka. The mini crossover will be 4.30 meters long and it will come with FWD or optional AWD. Our source is also telling us that the Mokka will be priced at around 18,000 EUR or $26,000 USD for the entry-level version. Google Opel Mokka

  3. "18,000 EUR or $26,000 USD"

    Dont do that…It is always a bogus comparison.

    It will be around $18,000 USD in the USA.

    Amerika does not have a 20+% VAT tax.

    This should also have the new 2.0L or 2.5L when it comes out.

  4. Why is Buick getting into the sub-$25k market?? It's a mistake. Most Buick Dealers also have Chevy dealerships anyway. Buicks should all be between $30k-50k PERIOD. Above Chevy & below Cadillac. (Just like Chrysler, Acura, and the volume leaders from Lexus & Infinity). Isn't trying to have EVERY division be everything to everybody at every price level what got GM into trouble in the first place??? I thought Buick was targeting Lexus & Chrysler–are they changing the focus ALREADY??? Talk about muddying the marketing message & confusing the customer!!!

  5. No thanks.

    GM is garbage. For reference, please see the Chevy Sonics that left the factory WITHOUT brake pads. That means that it slipped through Quality Control at the following points:

    1. The installer of the components on the line
    2. The person installing the wheels.
    3. Final QA check at the end of the line
    4. The QA test drive on the plant's test course
    5. The tech responsible for the PDI at the dealership.

    GM's quality is nonexistent.

  6. Buick is a pointless brand anyway and if they were not popular in China we would have Pontiac instead of Buick right now. Pontiac would not be pointless being their sport brand. What is Buick? Near Luxury? WTF? The new Malibu will be a much better value.

  7. If this is a Buick Verano-like value it will be a hit. But if it is a Buick Verano-like design that smacks of yesterday, then forget it. I'm getting a little tired of Buick putting it's grill on an Opel, adding some sound deadening and better leather and calling it a Buick.

    Granted, Buick's current strategy is a huge improvement over the Buick's of old, but I wonder it it's enough in this age and time. We'll see.

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