2013 Buick Encore/Opel

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These are obviously pictures of the European Opel Version.
But besides a new grille, it does match the teaser photo of the new small Buick.

So it is not a Meriva. But both are still based on the same platform.
Which means we can expect the 1.4 Turbo to be the only engine available in the US, at least for a while.

And it is NOT a version of the old Saturn Vue. That idea was canceled by GM a long time ago.

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  1. I'm so proud of GM not making a Buick Sonic. Sure, they are based around nearly the same mechanicals, but what isn't these days? Distinct models with similar components saves money and makes money without alienating the customer. They still have a ways to go, but things are so much better these days.

    The vehicle itself really does look like a baby Enclave w/ the exception of the rear, and we know it's going to be a little different for the US. I wonder how much interior room it will have in comparison to the Sonic.

    – FusioptimaSX

  2. Vince, great find! You're alway on top of things. Other blogs will pick it up next week but you had it first.

  3. I thnk the interior may be real, but the exterior looks like a chop – just look at how the shutline of the hood does not match that of the Buick Encore teaser

  4. I hope that's not it.. pretty awkward, especially the far-forward windshield and odd rear window shapes. I'd prefer the Captiva myself!

  5. Well, that's unfortunate. The Meriva was much better looking. This thing will have huge blind spots. Note the tiny rear window with the huge area that's just painted black.

  6. Vince, Im very excited!

    It looks like the VW Crosspolo that I used to lust after. That was never offered in the states, Is this the size of the Toyota Matrix and Ford Cmax?

    I'd still take a Cmax over this but a huge improvement and something more relevant then the Lexus CT.

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