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Not sure exactly what they will call it, but it looks like this 5 door hatch could be based on the 500.
It’s not the new Panda, so not sure either what it would replace in the current line up.

This could be a welcome addition to the 500 in the US.
Fiat dealers do need something else to sale.
Even though the 500 seems to be very popular in L.A, it looks like it’s not in most of the country.
Which is really kind of normal. It’s really not a car for everyone.

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  1. This a photochop representation of a new Fiat, code named L0 or ElleZero. Its a roomy, 5-door mini MPV type vehicle. ElleZero is related to the Fiat Panda, but combines styling cues from the popular (in Europe) Fiat Cinquecento nee 500.

  2. That looks an awful lot like a Mini Countryman. Surely there are other Fiats they couldn't possibly sell as Chrysler brands worth bringing here.

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