2013 Hyundai Veracruz?

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Not sure. It could be…
The rear door design does not match the spy photos we have seen so far of the 2013 Santa Fe, so it could be the Veracruz.

To me, this is pushing the Hyundai design theme a bit too far. To many waves and curves for my taste.
And I thought the larger Santa Fe was going to also replace the Veracruz in the lineup.
I guess not…
But I also thought they would give up on the Azera.

It seems that the current market is downsizing, in general. Compact sedans are getting almost as popular as mid sized ones.
And now offering similar features while being almost as roomy.
Same with SUVs/Crossovers.
The new larger Santa Fe seems to be as big as a Hyundai SUV should be.

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  1. I absolutely love this design for the Santa Fe or the Veracruz. I can see what you mean by wavy, but I still like it.

  2. I saw this months ago. I'm trying to figure out why the Veracruz is still on the market in it's current form. I've seriously seen more Entourages on the road.

    And where the heck is the Portico?


  3. umm… i think this is actually a design student's meld of his dad's bmw "flamed" design language (z4) and his mom's hyundai sonata….

  4. Usually i really dig Hyundai's design but this is too much. Its like a Murano crashed into every Hyundai concept to come out in the last five years

  5. Relax people, the Veracruz is being discontinued and the new Santa will gain 3rd row seats. Sales were a stinker.

  6. All can rest easy. This looks more like a design concept study than any serious attempt at a pre-production.

    Hyundai would never sign off on any thing as ridiculously contrived as this.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled post.

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