2013 Lexus IS?

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I hope not.

The IS should be the most aggressive looking Lexus sedan, and this just looks like a mix between the current model and the new GS.
Then again, they might surprise us with yet another boring design.

Let’s hope their new concept we saw a few days ago indicates a new design direction. Something bolder.

We’ll see what comes out next year…

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  1. This looks about right to me actually. I does indeed look like a mini GS but the upswept beltline at the rear doors seems to be a nod to the 1st generation and the HS combined. The front just seems to look a bit too tall (too Versa like).

  2. The current design is fine. This evolution does not really change much. Average driving dynamics, cramped interior, and compact size do not allow it to stand out. Unless they make improvements in these areas, the looks are secondary.

  3. Seems that Lexis is desperate to recover hemorrhaging sales of its line up from BMW and Mercedes.

    I doubt this will do much for their sliding sales unless they can offer more in the way of increases in power and refinement.

  4. Checking the IS out these are so tiny and cramped inside compared to my 04 TSX…but this isn't bad looking though.

  5. this would be boring as a Cruze or Corolla (with which it probabally shares most of its components). As a "near-luxury" car it's a joke. Buick has nothing to worry about.

  6. This is a car for sorority girls. Except for the molded plastic bits on the front and rear, the car looks exactly like the current one.

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