2013 Mazda6

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This is obviously an illustration based on the Takeri Concept.
Which could be really close to the real thing.

It does look nice, but a bit too close to the current, and low selling, model.
I think Mazda needs something that stands out a bit more. The current one is a great car. And it looks better than most of ots competition.
But somehow it doesn’t sell well. Doing the same thing again doesn’t seem like such a god idea.
The competition is tougher than ever with the Sonata and Optima. But also the new Malibu and Camry.
And by next year, there will be redesigned versions of the Accord, Altima and Fusion.

It will be a tough world for the new Mazda6…

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  1. Mazda still doesn't want to let go of the Giant Smiling Mouth. To my eye, The Mouth ruins everything. They should find another theme for their front ends.

  2. I don't know why, but I fund this rather plain and boring…but not in a Toyota way. I think the body looks to similar to the current monster 6. There was something futuristic, elegant, and sporty about the first 6 that has dissolved away (the 3 still has it all though).

  3. what are you talking about vince, it does stand out and not in a good way. The hump over the front fenders has got to go if they can't execute it well. The grill can stay if it is stretched more and the lights made to run up vertically like the CTS but the two don't compliment each other in the above pic. Mazda will not survive with the new Fusion, Optima, Sonata, and Malibu picking up whatever scraps the Accord and Camry leave behind.

  4. This is the best looking family sedan by far. I'm sure it will handle miles better than the competition as well. However Mazdas motors aren't their strong points where fuel consumption is concerned. If they can iron that out they'll sell these as fast as they can make them.

  5. dear Mazda, above average design with slightly more curves than the camcords isn't going to cut it anymore. if you want to stand out, go RWD, with the speed3 engine as base, and optional 300+hp 3.7L v6. you already have all the parts to do it.

  6. I know this is just a sketch – but the proportions look wrong…it's almost got TOO big of a nose / etc. If it's more like the 'concept' shown recently (can't remember which show) – it'll do well for them. ESPECIALLY if there is a diesel. Right now – in affordable cars small/midsided – there is Jetta….I'm sure consumers would like some more choice. Just wish they'd bring it to their CX5!

  7. Having driven a current 6 as a rental, my impression of its lackluster sales may be the result of: its size (its really a big car and competes on that basis with much more stylish and capable cars; its interior is the worst (its like an 80's video game in cheap black plastic); and its resemblance to the old Dodge Intrepid… it needed updated. But I also found its real world mileage to be impressive for such a large car.

    I like what I'm seeing in this design, but Mazda needs to focus on the overall package and they're not known for their interior quality. Get that down, and it'll have a chance. So, Mazda – your target should be the new Accord (in a slightly smaller format).

  8. Hopefully the move back to the shorter global platform (since there will be no more US production, and hence no more US proportions) will allow money to be spent on classier switchgear and other tactile elements that are sorely lacking on the current model.. And being able to bring the hatch and wagon back to the US couldn't hurt sales either.

  9. What is wrong with you people, this car is 10x's better than the current 6 and it does not have the mouth in the front, the mouth is on the current 6, 3, and 5. They did much better and more is to come. They got rid of the mazda smile guy which was a good move. Mazda is much better than it seems and the economy is damn good if you drive the car appropriately. But if you wanna sit and bash look at ford, the fiesta claims 40 on the commercials but at the dealership it shows on the paper at 37. Actually driving the car you find its really around 28-30hwy. So it can be said about any company, but to each his own.

  10. The 6 is a smallish midsize; too small to compete with Malibu/Camry/Sonata but too big to compete with Cruze/Caliber/Civic/Corolla. With the emphasis on performance, I think the new DART will have this 6 for lunch.

  11. "But if you wanna sit and bash look at ford, the fiesta claims 40 on the commercials but at the dealership it shows on the paper at 37. Actually driving the car you find its really around 28-30hwy."- December 23, 2011 4:06 AM

    I don't believe you. Not when my 3.8 Grand Caravan gets 26-30 ACTUAL after 200k miles, and the Chrysler 300 is rated at 30MPG. You must be burinig ethanol and never changing the oil to only get 28-30 in a New Fiesta.

  12. They should've stayed with the Shinari concept car. This one's front end is just too inflated and looks wrong. If you look at the Shinari, which was nothing short of eye candy, the front hood is lower than the fenders, the grille sits lower and the overall stance is much more balanced than on this (the Takeri).

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