2013 Mercedes GL

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Pretty much what is expected. Even blockier than the current version.
The new ML came out a few months ago, so the big brother isn’t far behind.

A big expensive trucky thing.With an interior that isn’t that impressive.
Go figure….

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  1. The current model gl looks just fine. Change the int, maybe if anything make it a bit wider but whatever program they used on the ml, return it

  2. Are you jealous because you can't afford a Mercedes or BMW? Is that why you constantly bash them?

    Yeah, this interior isn't befitting of a luxury vehicle, with a leather wrapped dash and details, high quality materials, and very comfortable seats. It just goes to show you've NEVER driven a GL nor have you ever been inside of one.

    Your biased attitude against Mercedes shows just how unprofessional you are as a journalist.

  3. wow… the grill keeps getting bigger and bigger; dodge ram called, wants to remind MB that their divorced…

  4. This is an SUV that for some reason leaves me indifferent. Lack of soul? I do not know. may be it is the badge.

  5. I leased 2009 GL450 few months ago I returned it. It was awesome car, there was no issue at all this is car. I don't understand why people say MB is bad or BMW is bad. Once you drive those cars you will not buy any Japanese cars.

  6. Okay.

    I'm still trying to find where Vince Burlapp calls himself a journalist. As far as I can tell, he's a man who is passionate about cars and maintains a blog. It's his opinions, which he is entitled to have, and which are fun to read.

  7. Your biased attitude against Mercedes shows just how unprofessional you are as a journalist.

    I'm not Vince, heck, I'm not even a journalest–let alone a blog writer.
    But I am familer with the current GL — and it needs a lot of work–especially inside. This new one looks to be an improvement, but I think it's "too little too late". New Navigators & Escalades are just around the corner. And the Current Jeep Cherokee is awfully fast (SRT); with unsurpassed quality (Overland) and a capibility (both off-road & on) that the current GL fall way short of (even with the AMG improvements)

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