2013 Porsche Boxter

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There were a few pictures of an undisguised prototype a few months ago, and I thought it looked great.
Now from Auto Express, we get to see the interior. And it looks great as well.
Much nicer than the current model, but as usual, still a Porsche.

What a great job.

We will see the whole thing next March.

This is what the current interior looks like. Which is just fine.
Until you get to see the new one…

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  1. That is a really nice improvement. I'm not digging it in all red but that is just my personal tastes.

    I'd pimp it.. (^_^)

  2. LoOk at this!? And here I was thinking "Vinve didn't post anything yet.." beautiful update. Not huge but not just a steering wheel replacement

  3. I like the red. I think it's great for a sports car, and definitely not something you can get on every car. Sort of like the "saddle" leather that many luxury cars offer.

  4. The new interior looks like an adult did it and the bottom one looks like a 14 year old jackass did it.

  5. Camel crap in more "interesting" than duck crap. Love the word "Interesting"…Just so pointless it is.

    This design looks great in their Saddle color.

  6. A nice improved interior no matter what color it is. I love the look of this next generation Boxster…inside and out. I want this car.

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