2013 Scion FR-S

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And finally, official pictures of the US version of the new Toyota.

As expected, they are the same cars. Except maybe for the tail lights.
And inside, all I see is a 90’s style aftermarket looking stereo instead of a navigation system.
Maybe that’ll still be an option.
I don’t think leather or a sunroof will make it even as options.

And again, why is this car not a hatchback? It is designed like one, but instead gets this small trunk opening.
I don’t get it.

I am sure it is a fun car to drive, but let’s hope its also cheap. Because it sure looks it….

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  1. I am hoping they named this a Scion because Toyota will release a bigger more expensive Supra sometime in the future. I am still not happy with it being a Scion because, wait… Do they still sell Scions? What is the future of that company?

    Ahh What was I saying?

    I like the looks of it, I would consider this in the future!

  2. I agree Vince, it should be a hatchback or at least an option to order one that way, would make the car a bit more useful.

    This car should be carrying the Toyota Badge not Scion and it needs options to appeal to buyers looking for nice features in a car like this.

    That whole "fun to drive, again" stuff they spouted off seems to work in Japan as they care about their image as a whole. Look at Toyota here in the states though and they offer a crappy lineup of cars that are boring at best. The new Camry is another good example, Japan's model looks considerably better than ours. Look in Australia and you will see they get their choice of either design as the US model is a different nameplate. But us Americans… well we only need the crappiest of the bunch because it says Camry it will sell…

    I wouldn't mind if they treated Scion here in the US like they treat the Netz branding in Japan. Eventhough you buy a Netz car and it has the Netz badge on the front, the rest of the car is still branded toyota. Not to mention Netz cars sell with any array of options from really stripped down models all the way up to heated seats, auto climate control, Navigation, advanced safety technologies, etc.

  3. This will be great for bebooting the Scion brand. Im am looking forward to seeing alot more of these on the road.

  4. I've read that the reason they decided to give it a trunk instead of a hatch was because of weight concerns, but how much more could it possibly be? Isn't it just a rearragement of the same materials?

    The tail lights have LED brake lights (something that USED to be on the Camry, 4Runner, Accord….and deleted) and black surrounds.

    The red rear fog light looks to still be in tact, my guess is that it will be in the US without the bulb/switch inside.

    I'm really sick of seeing trios of cars that are all the same with the exception of badging…I mean, all 3 versions of the VW up! have more differentiation than the FR-S, GT-86, BRZ clones…

  5. Come on. You can't have it all. It's light weight, rwd, and offered in a true manual. You dont "need" touch screens. People complain about the cost of factory navi anyway. My phone has the best navi. This is not a girly car. We dont need frills. I want rwd, fun, and affordable. And I don't need 500hp. I need about 30 mpg. Btw notchback is probably for chassis rigidity because of the rear bulkhead. Supra was great but the last generation was 40k(turbo). Stop nitpicking and drive. Everyone hollers "we want rwd, a manual, good handling, lightweight" When it's introduced you complain about something else. Suckers!

  6. The interior Screams Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap. They spent all their ducks on engine, trans and suspension and left nothing on the deck for the interior.

    They had better price this right or you are looking at fail, fail, fail.

  7. I'm pretty much convinced this is Toyota's idea of a throwback, not in pure retro of a heritage badge, but in the spirit of the 90s club sport coupes that all the nerds who romantically sweat the idea of "JDM" love so much. Hence a brand new canvas for people who like to get all the Japanese-made aftermarket goodies their heart desires, in rear-drive form for their drifting pleasure. This, so they can do a few years of car notes that wouldn't have been spent on the 240SX or mid-80s Corolla fastback they'd usually wait to get (old 510 maybe?). This is for them, not for folks who'd buy a pony car or luxo-GT.

    @fusioptimaSX To engineer the same area of a notchback as a hatch actually is a little more material, which does end up heavier, partially to come away with similar structural rigidity. And the rear seat is for tax purposes in Japan…the same reason there was ever a 2+2 Z-car and even RX-7.

  8. Similarly priced Genesis coupe will have 275hp I4 or 350hp I6 (I6 even comes with 8sp trans). I just can't believe Toyota ok'ed a "sports car" with such a weak 197hp engine.

  9. Where is Entune? That radio looks like it came out of a pawn shop. The Scion FR-S is nothing more than a 1993 Celica Coupe in drag. Thank's Toyota for giving us a car that is more than 20 years obsolete.

  10. Anon wrote "Similarly priced genesis coupe will have 275hp IR or 350hp I6 (I6 even comes with 8sp trans)" I think you actually meant V6!

    There are just so many things wrong with the final execution of this car, the cheap interior not withstanding.

    However, I agree with you that the Gen Coupe should wipe the floor against this and can hardly wait to see a side by side comparo.

  11. Hatchback's don't have the same body rigidity like this type of car. That's why they went for a trunk.
    Nevertheless it looks like an hatchback.

    That stereo is fine. 90% of potential buyers will change or simply remove it anyway…

  12. I love how all the clueless "enthusiasts" bash this car.

    It weighs 2,600 pounds.

    The Genesis weighs well over 3,300 pounds.

    197HP will motivate 2,600 pounds quite nicely. The Genesis weighs 700 pounds more than this thing.

  13. Fully agree although I wouldn't even credit 90's interior. the Celica had a nicer interior in the 90's with a nice sloped center stack.

    Don't get lack of liftback either other cost cutting.

    It won't be cheap. Estimates are now from 25K to 28K. For 30K you can get a 370Z.

  14. > "I love how all the clueless "enthusiasts" bash this car.

    It weighs 2,600 pounds.

    The Genesis weighs well over 3,300 pounds."

    First of all, you are the clueless one.

    The Scion FR-S actually weighs about 2800 lb and this means the Scion has to carry over 14 lbs per horsepower.

    On the other hand, the Gen Coupe 2.0TGDI and 3.3GDI carry just under 11 lb and 9.4 lbs per hp respectively.

    This means Gen Coupe has up to 32% more efficient weight to horsepower ratio. The difference is quite significant there.

  15. That is the worst dashboard design I've seen since the 1995 Cavalier. Seriously, is that the audio system? Seriously? They should just save $20 and not have one at all. Just put a Crutchfield catalogue in the glove box.

    Other than that, it's probably the only proper sports car that 20-somethings can reasonably afford. I can't love this, because it's a half assed car. There's something authentic about it that's respectable, but it's such a hideous mess.

  16. They will sell a ton of these despite all the haters on here who haven't even seen the car in person or driven it.

  17. "They will sell a ton of these despite all the haters on here who haven't even seen the car in person or driven it."

    A "ton" literally. A picture says a thousand words. And this thing has a face for radio.

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