2013 Toyota Prius?

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Not sure if this is real or not.
But there seem to be a few changes coming up for the Prius.
Mainly small details in the front and back.
And new wheels.
Which, really, do not improve anything.
It seems even worse…

Just a quick reminder of what it looks like now.
Which, I think, is a bit better.

It looks like they need the current model to be around for another couple of years…

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  1. This is old news — it's the 2012 Prius that was already announced by Toyota (see pressroom.toyota.com)

  2. wow i don't think i have ever seen mr burlapp slip that much but that ok. i still come to check nearly every day.

  3. When it came out as the first practical and livable hybrid, it made news despite its ugly looks. Today however, it is one of many and at the bottom of automotive design.

  4. Toyota debuted an entire line of Prius models, including the intriguing Prius C Concept. They still stress that this is a concept, but a small, sporty hybrid hatchback is surely on its way. We can merely hope Toyota is smart enough to retain these design cues, especially as this is meant to be a "fun to drive" hybrid with taut handling and a sub-$20K price. Toyota is promising the highest mileage of any hybrid on the road that isn't a plug-in.

    Read more: 2013 Toyota Prius C – Best New Cars for 2012 – Popular Mechanics

  5. Make all cars hybrid. It is the smart thing to do. Why do they have to pretend that they are a separate model line? I am a little tired with the Prius line that we should take notice because it is a "hybrid"

  6. Yep, that's the plug-in version. The Fog lights are once again in their Gen 2 position, like the V, and has the V-s front turn signals. The tail lights….they just moved some LEDs around…lol

    – FusioptimaSX

  7. The Prius is the most recognized, the biggest selling and the most successful hybrid produced since day one. The Prius wont be going away anytime soon…

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