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Looks like quite a car. Like every SL has been so far.
But still.
Like I mentioned before, it doesn’t look different enough.
It almost looks like a partial refresh of the current design. Which it is not.
It looks like a mix of many current Mercedes designs like the CLS and SLK. Bt nothing that original.

At least it is over 300 pounds lighter, so it should be more efficient and faster.

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  1. "It almost looks like a partial refresh of the current design. Which it is not."

    I'm not so sure it isn't.. what gives it away is the roof and greenhouse, which appears to be identical to the current model. Just like the SLK, it seems they aren't trying to reinvent the wheel and saving some cash by carrying over the existing folding roof and mechanisms.

  2. This looks like a cheap Chinese knockoff of the current SL. The roofline and the trunk look especially bad, as does the tractor-like front end.

  3. its not even out yet and it looks outdated… especially with the german overkill of led accent lighting in the head and tail lights….

  4. I don't get it. The SLK and the SLS look a million times better as does the CLS. This is more along the lines of the ML looking more like a bad refresh of current models. The mirrors are too square for the body, body is too rounded for the squared shoulders. The headlights taper away from the grille like the ugly first iteration of the previous 7 series. The radio square face looks cheap. The only customers that will buy this car are people who are loyal to Mercedes and will over look the horrendous styling

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