Kia Ray EV

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This is the all electric version of the recently introduced little Kia Ray.
A cute little mini box not available here.

The EV version comes with a 86 miles range.
Not a lot, but on par with most current electric cars.
But it takes “only ” 6 hrs to fully charge. Or 25mn on what they call “fast” mode.
Not sure if this requires some kind of special charger.

Only 2500 of them will be produced in 2012.

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  1. Nice copy of the Nissan cube. The reason I don't buy from Korean companies is they copy everything. They try to be the most similar to apple, they copy car designs, they copy staple foods that were first made in Japan etc… Heck one crazy youtuber by the name of ChosunNinja claims that Ninjas were originally Korean. I wonder then why wikipedia and other websites say that Ninjas are Japanese.

  2. I truly enjoy comments about "copying" from know-it-alls when it comes to South Korean car designs.

    Lets get one thing clear Hyundai/Kia are selling a ton of cars and neither you nor your declining minions are going to be able to slow down these South Korean juggernauts with your ignorant, nasal, inducing comments.

  3. Dec 24, 9:26 is right in saying nothing will slow down these South Korean Juggernauts. It's also true that the S Koreans shamelessly copy everything. ALL there ideas from cars to appliances are xeroxed off USPatents; the rights of patent owners (often US inventers) are totally ignored by the Korean Government. They copy the hardware, the software, the mechanics, EVERYTHING. They differ from chinese ONLY in that they don't xerox the skin/styling. And I have absolutely no respect for such theft. But they will obviously continue to grow; after all, they have an unfair advantage. It is what it is.

  4. This design came from the same company that gave us the Sportage, Optima, Rio, etc.

    Can't be… can it?

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