New BMW 1 series 3 door

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It was just a matter of time, really.
We saw the redesigned 5 door version a while ago, and the 3 door is no surprise. Just the same car minus 2 doors.
It might be more of interest to us as it will be the basis for the next 1 series (Unless they call it the 2 series) coupe in the US.
So just imagine a trunk instead of the hatchback and there you have it.

And, just like most new BMWs sold in the US, a 4 cylinder will replace the 6.

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  1. no posts for two whole days and this is the best you can come up with? please vince, i know you're better than this

  2. Another $30K useless trinket from BMW.
    Same price as 3er and just as expensive to maintain and repair.

  3. They can call these econo-BMW's "one series", but to me they're all ZERO's. Even the 3 is a bit small for pretending to be "near luxury". THIS is just plain ridiculus!

  4. How can BMW produce such gorgeous cars in the mid- and large-size size categories and do such a poor job with small cars and SUV's?

    This design (like others) looks like the company intentionally tried to make it's smaller vehicles look cheap. If so… they did a great job.

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