Nissan Pathfinder Concept

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This looks like another one of these concepts that is basically the upcoming production version with larger wheels.
It already looks pretty nice. But I am not sure it has that “Pathfinder Look”.
Nissan has been pretty good so far at making sure each new versions still looked like a Pathfinder. But this one is even missing the concealed rear door handles.

We’ll see…

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  1. interesting, appears pathfinder to be civilized, fitring between refined murano and rugged xterra. hope they finally fix that darn unibody protrusion into the rear passager compartment (the headbanger at the door opening).

  2. The curves are making me feel a bit concerned since it looks a little (Old style) Hyundai Sante fe. The pathfinder was always boxy which gave it a manly feel. This could go either way…

  3. fyi – those concealed rear door handles looked as good on the pathfinder as they do on the compass. blechhh. i say good riddance.

  4. I hope Nissan keeps it covered. Except for the Z, they are quite possibly the world's ugliest car maker these days

  5. The Pathfinder will be a 3 row Murano, therefore a Nissan version of the JX. So we all of a sudden have 4 versions of the Murano: Murano, Murano CrossCRAP, Grand Murano, and Infinity Grand Murano.

    Luckily they will be keeping the Xterra around.

    I thought they had a winning strategy having a split CUV and SUV lineup. The SUVs being the Armada (which is basically on it's way out?), Pathfinder, and Xterra. The CUVs being the Juke, Rouge, and Murano.

    The REAL reason why the Pathfinder is doing horrible these days is because it was new for 2004! Toyota sure doesn't seem to have a problem with the 4Runner. I think the Ford Explorer is a special case/exception.

  6. Man, is this true? Pathfinder is NOT going to be based on the Frontier line anylonger? Pathfinder is going to be Murano (read ALTIMA) based? If this is true, this is a sad day. I always had a lot of respect for the Pathfinder. I am saddened if this Murano based story is true.

    Note: I am still very fond of the original 2 door pathfinder. Those looked damn cool.

  7. Nissan focus groups discovered that the little soccer players are too exhausted to reach way up there and open their own doors after a busy day of school, sports, and grocery shopping with mom.. so they moved the handles down! Actually, it's probably because the Pathfinder is now sharing door hardware (and practically everything else) with the Infiniti JX.

  8. You are all idiots if you think the Pathfinder was going to remain a body on frame SUV. BOF SUV's are dinosaurs and just like the dinosaurs they are soon to be extinct.

    There was only 2 ways to keep the Pathfinder going, go the RWD unibody Jeep Grand Cherokee route or go the FWD unibody Ford Explorer route. If Ford could pull it off for the Explorer, Nissan can pull it off for the Pathfinder too. Just wait and see, this thing is going to be nice!

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