One more teaser of the 2013 Dodge Dart interior

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Still looking fine.

We’ll have to see the real thing to make sure.
But it doesn’t have to have an Audi interior to be competitive in a segment that usually starts at around $16 000.

They do sell tons of the new Jetta.
The new Civic that everyone loves to hate was in 8th in sales last month.
Even the old Corolla made the list of 10 best selling cars in November. (and that’s a 20%drop from last year…)

I think the Dart will do quite fine, if people chose to put Dodge on their shopping list again.
Chrysler/Fiat will need to spend tons of advertising money for that.

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  1. Is it me, or the wipers and headlights switch is all mixed together in just one? That's one hell of a switch…

  2. Glad Chrysler picked the DART name which several of us suggested here a few months ago, I think.

    Dodge Dart is easy to say, easy to spell, and it was a great car from the 1960s. I had a 1963 Plymouth Valiant (new) that was much the same as the Dart and is one of my favorite cars; better than corresponding Chevys and Fords.

    I've seen some better photos of the Dart's exterior: There's a sedan and a hatchback version that looks like an Alfa Romeo Giulietta and is quite nice. I think the new Dodge Dart will be a very competitive car that'll sell very well if not overpriced.

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